Order the DVD

The DVD costs £20 and postage and packaging within the U.K. is free.

UK orders:

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Outside of the U.K. postage rates vary.


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USA, Australia and New Zealand:

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For orders from the USA: Please note that it is a PAL format DVD.

9 Responses to Order the DVD

  1. Alice George says:

    I live in New Zealand – can I order a copy of the DVD?

  2. Monica Hutchinson says:

    I’d like to order a DVD but haven’t the foggiest idea what PAL and NTSC are. I’d like to play the DVD on my television screen. Please let me know if PAL is all right!

    • shoehorn1 says:

      Dear Monica,

      Sorry for the confusion! NTSC means that it is suitable for U.S. players, PAL is for Europe and most of the rest of the world. So, yes, if you are in the UK it will be fine.

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  4. Could you add a link for Australians please.

  5. Noel robbins says:

    Please send me information on how I can aquire an ntsc version of this important film. Thank you!

  6. Michael Lamy-Newman says:

    Yes I would very much like to be able to get an NTSC version of your DVD please explain to me how this can be done.

  7. I would love to see this in a NTSC format DVD! Please!? : )

    • shoehorn1 says:

      Hi, Thanks for you interest. Unfortunately we could only do that if we got a bulk order for NTSC. We have put it on Distrify streaming for those who really can’t view PAL.
      We have had a number of orders from the States and so far haven’t heard that anyone was unable to play the PAL though…

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